San Miguel de Allende at long last!

by Cat Calhoun
San Miguel de Allende, GTO, México

It was supposed to be a blissfully short drive today. Then again, yesterday was supposed to be six hours, but with road delays it became closer to nine, so why should today be any different? After a lovely light breakfast of toast with marmalade and coffee at Las Palmas, we packed everyone back in the car and headed out toward San Miguel de Allende. The cats were not delighted to be back in the car after such a long day yesterday so they told us about their displeasure for a while. We shared the sentiment, but expressed our tiredness with the whole thing in occasional curse words instead of meows.

I won’t bore you with the details, but here are the highlights of yet another six hour stretch in the USS Hermione.

San Luis Potosi
The city, not the state. Way bigger than I remembered and looks like a pretty cool place….unless you’re looking at the almost never-ending industrial area. That just looks like an industrial area. You can’t quite tell how huge it is, but this is a mammoth monument to Benito Juarez. What an awesome thing to do in one of those weird in-between-highway-overpasses area that is usually wasted space. Nice work, SLP.

Mexico No Filters - Benito Juarez monument in San Luis Potosi, SLP, México

Joshua Trees for days!
First, they are mammoth. Second, they literally go on for days. We started seeing forests of them yesterday. This trend did not cease today. They stretched as far as we could see on both sides of the highway.

Mexico No Filters - Joshua Trees in San Luis Potosi state

Traffic delays
We added at least 2 hours to our drive just sitting in standstill traffic. I thought Austin Texas was the capitol of highway construction. I was wrong. It’s Mexico. It went on for hours at a stretch. Massive, melodramatic wrecks also cause long traffic backups. I’m not talking about fender benders, but semi trucks hitting something (or perhaps each other) so severely that they seemed to disintegrate on the road.

Guanajuato State!
Finally! We’ve been trying to get back here for more than a year. And of course, we did it in yet another traffic delay.

Mexico No Filters - Traffic delays due to construction entering Guanajuato State from San Luis Potosi

We rolled into San Miguel de Allende just before sunset (yes, this is a trend with us) in time to unpack the car and collapse. Our flat is located in an artists’ compound filled with painters. There place is lovely and is located at the end of a dead-end street next to a home for little kids who have nowhere to go, a midwife school, and a church. It’s a great location and the apartment is beautiful.

For now, enjoy a few more photographs of our place and of San Miguel and I’ll write/photograph more when I recover more fully from that drive!

Mexico No Filters - our flat in San Miguel de Allende
Our flat is upstairs. Yes, all of it. Be jealous. It’s cool.

Mexico No Filters - stained glass windows in our flat in San Miguel de Allende
From my terrace looking into the stained glass windows at night.
Mexico No Filters - traditional domed brick ceiling
This is our ceiling, a traditional domed ceiling. Ain’t it cool?
Mexico No Filters - our kitchen
Our kitchen at night. It has a view of the city. Fun to watch the lights twinkle as we cook dinner at night.