I guess this is my new life

By: DeLora Frederickson
April 10, 2018

I am sitting in our apartment on the second floor looking out at beautiful jacaranda trees and enjoying the breeze.  

Today was laundry day – that’s it. Just laundry. Not rushing from place to place to ‘do’ my jobs. Not sitting and holding space for people (my birth center moms, my teacher training students, my  private students) so they can step into the transformative results of yoga.                Just laundry.

Week three in Mexico has really been MY week one in Mexico.  The first week we drove down, unloaded and were in travel shock to some degree.  The second week I went to Austin packed my Mom up and moved her down here. Now I am in MY first week in Mexico.  

How do I, a pitta out of balance, seeking my true kapha self kinda gal adjust to life in Mexico?  How do I feel satiated with life without the overdrive? Without the packed schedule? Without the constant feedback of how amazing I am?  (not to be braggadocius…just a reality in my Austin life).

These are real questions for me right now.

I have a couple of things on my schedule here for sure …..this week going to yoga and visiting another assisted living center.  But most of my time is unoccupied.

This brings up the question of…what do I want to do? How do I fill my time here? There are chores to be done and those things take up time but not much.

This journey south of the border is also a journey into myself.  Who am I without my job definitions? Who am I in this new world we are creating?

Here are things on my ‘to do’ list right now:

Study history of the area

Take a mexican culture class at the local organic market/cafe


Volunteer across the street (midwife school & reproductive rights group)

Take and Sub yoga classes Esencia Yoga 

Have coffee with new friends

Walk the streets

Watch the sunrise and the sunset

Reflect on things of import

Go to the movies (there is a cute place called the Pocket Theatre that shows movies in english for some outrageously inexpensive price ($4) and you get a glass of wine, popcorn and the show).

So there are ‘things’ to do.  The deeper question is how do i find satisfaction?  Within myself.

This is my inner journey south of the border.

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  1. I love wat bing this new DeLora and Cat unfold. So many beautiful things are laid out for you and the discovery is the adventure, enjoy, my friend! We will be down there soon to tell you how amazing you both are to us!

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