Water, water everywhere

by Cat Calhoun
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México

Mexico No Filters - Rain on the terrace

We’ve endured more than a month of “heat” here in San Miguel de Allende, though I’m almost hesitant to say that since I’m from Austin, Texas where the temperature can hover in the 32˚-38˚ C range (90-100˚ F) for months on end. The heat here wasn’t nearly as debilitating as it was in Austin, but we don’t have air conditioning here, as it isn’t needed for large portions of the year. It did get hot enough, however, to make sleeping a challenge at night throughout the month of May and the fans were on 24×7.

But now it’s cool enough to keep me in jeans all day and reaching for sweaters in the morning and evening. The rains have started too, fueled and jumpstarted by Hurricane Bud (not even a euphemism – that’s really this storm’s name) in the Pacific Ocean. And with the rains come the leaks. Our stained glass doors leak when the rain comes down a certain direction and there is a leak in the dining room bóveda ceiling when it falls hard enough. I won’t lie to you. I was cursing the rains and the leaks like a sailor yesterday when I was piling towels up in front of the doors and putting a bucket under the leak in the dining room.

I was already dreading the rest of the season (which will probably stretch through October or so) when the wonderful Suzanne Bacci, a friend from my shamanic family in Austin posted this. It was a timely reminder to bless the water, as it has memory and we are formed from it.

Mexico No Filters - The Algonquin Water Song
Click on the photo to go to the video….sorry, wouldn’t let me embed it.


Whatever your weather, regardless of whether you’re putting out buckets in your rain boots, or living through a drought, I wish you the blessing of and a relationship with water.